A Case Study


  • US bio-pharmaceutical company with a solid oral product in an established, competitive disease state
  • Scope – US (20 pharmacy and medical directors covering 175M lives); EU5 (10 payers)

Project Objectives

  • Evaluate payers’ understanding of the competitive market and how they would review, assess and cover product based on value, positioning, clinical and economic benefits provided in order to optimize PRMA in multiple countries
  • Gain payer insights on evolving landscape using MME’s proprietary US and EU payer panels consisting of ~100 US experts and ~30 EU experts (both regional and national) including current and former payers/payer advisors to P&T/HTA bodies responsible for assessing clinical and economic value of new therapies and negotiating prices at national and regional levels

Project Description

Conducted qualitative tele-depth interviews with US pharmacy and medical directors covering commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lives, and interviews in the EU5 with payer/payer advisors

  • Identified perceptions of importance and unmet needs in the disease state and the value drivers within it
  • Reviewed and assessed product value probing on clinical merits and key attributes within the profile
  • Uncovered unaided expectations of price range, then specific anticipated actions (or inactions) at different price ranges, coverage and utilization management
  • Discussed different contracting strategies which might be leveraged to change coverage and/or utilization management, including value based/innovative approaches

Project Outcome

  • Project findings led client to consider a different price range versus initial thinking, clinical insights gathered changed initial payer messaging around product differentiation, and competitive intelligence led to a more structured net pricing strategy


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