Competitive Engagement Simulation®

A Case Study


  • Mid-sized US pharmaceutical manufacturer preparing to launch a product in a competitive market
  • Scope – US (Payer, Multi-channel)

Project Objectives

  • Evaluate four to six possible marketplace scenarios to determine possible actions that can be taken by client in the event certain conditions exist in the marketplace
  • Build an understanding of the likely market evolution, client’s competitors and internal stakeholder objectives to equip client team with the ability to anticipate, understand, and counter competitive moves and to create a competitive environment more favorable to success
  • Facilitate thoughtful discussion and development of purposeful contingency plans for competitive situations

Project Description

Facilitated a daylong workshop testing  scenarios for competitor and customer/payer responses to various launch positions and tactical plans. Test drove parts of client’s tactical plan and messaging and received potential competitor and payer reactions.  Workshop and pre-meeting preparation examined market dynamics created by new competitive entrants and how these dynamics may influence perception of value and action. Workshop participants included customer-facing individuals for key accounts, brand and other supportive home office functions.

  • Constructed market scenarios to be vetted with client to determine likelihood and relative impact upon the market
  • Assembled relevant information from clients to develop background materials including competitive profiles, sample marketing plans, complete analyses of customer groups and market conditions
  • Conducted simulation exercise with multiple teams to evaluate scenarios and market developments and their effect to better understand appropriate/ optimal responses and actions
  • Summarized key findings and recommendations based on the simulation and analysis

Project Outcome

  • Provided insights to refine product launch plan and build knowledge and confidence of internal team
  • Provided a roadmap of expected actions and reactions of all key market participants and outlined an organized approach for the client to utilize as competitive set evolved


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