Julie Fisher, MA

Director of Information & Communications Technology

Julie became interested in pharmaceutical marketing and economics while working with Dr. Mickey Smith at the University of Mississippi, where she was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management (later edited by Mick Kolassa), the Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology, the Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics, and the Journal of Pharmacy Teaching. She also worked on the Medication Use Studies project, an early proprietary database of the literature on decisions to prescribe, purchase, and use medication which spanned the pharmacy and social and behavioral sciences literature. Julie brought her editorial and organizational skills to MME in 2003, when she began honing the company’s written communications with clients and organizing electronic document storage. She became the company’s IT director in 2007 and now oversees MME’s information and communications systems and provides IT support for employees at various locations in the US and the UK. Julie earned a BA in English from the University of Mississippi and an MA in English from the University of Delaware.

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